The Rocket Book

The Rocket Book The Rocket Book

The Rocket Book

The Rocket Book begins when the son of a building superintendent sets a match to a rocket he discovered in the basement. Suddenly, the rocket blasts its way up through apartment after apartment in a high-rise, disrupting and transforming the humdrum goings-on of twenty families till it is finally stopped cold by something in the attic. An elliptical hole is punched in each of the book’s pages and illustrations to signify where the rocket passed through every apartment! As in all of Newell’s books, the verse on the verso-page provides commentary on the recto-page illustration. (Summary by Denny Sayers)

This is a Multi-Touch edition.

Title: The Rocket Book
Authors: Peter Newell
Narrated By: Denny Sayers / Kara Shallenberg
Size: 47.2 MB
Number of pages: 25
Estimated Runtime: 10:25 min
ISBN: 978-988-15960-2-4
Price: FREE






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