How To Redeem A Promo Code In iBookStore

To redeem a promo code in iBookstore, it has only 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Find The Redeem Button

Open iBooks App and touch the second icon on the bottom of the screen. It is called “Featured”.


Then scroll all the way down to the bottom, and the “Redeem” button appears.



Step 2: Enter Your Promo Code

Now, after touching the “Redeem” button, you’ll be required to sign in to iTunes Store if you haven’t done so.


Once signed in, you will be taken to a new screen, pretty much similar with the one below:


Read the Terms and Conditions and then enter your promo code. After you entered your promo code, you will get a message requiring you to click OK to redeem.



Step 3: Automatically Download The Book

After you clicked the OK button, you will get a message saying that your item is downloading. What iBooks does is that it automatically matches the product with your promo code, looks it up in the store and starts downloading it. For immersive reading books published by, please make sure you have a good internet connection to download.


After downloading, your book will be available in the Library. Here’s how your iPad screen should look like after the entire process finished:


Want To Have A Redeem Code To Try?  

Send a email to with Subject: Send Me A Redeem Code

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