Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Word Builder Series

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe & HappyReads.net    Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Word Builder Series

We don’t own your laws; we don’t own your country; we stand here as free, under God’s sky, as you are; and, by the great God that made us, we’ll fight for our liberty till we die.– Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin opens with a description of Arthur Shelby’s Kentucky plantation during the antebellum period. Shelby has incurred serious debts – prompting him to sell some slaves to avoid financial ruin. Mr. Haley, the slave trader, purchases Uncle Tom, Shelby’s loyal servant since childhood, and five-year-old Harry, a beautiful and talented child. His mother is Eliza and she decides to flee the plantation with her son. She also tries to convince Uncle Tom to save himself and come with her. Uncle Tom, however, must remain loyal to his master and does not accompany Eliza.

This e-book contains four interactive word builder games which provide a completely new way to learn English vocabulary Fast and Fun! Start reading the original book and playing with the games to master the 554 words listed in the book.

By creating your own notes and study cards, you will be familiarized with the words that will help you learn to read better.

Create your own notes and study cards
A Glossary widget contains a glossary of 554 selected words
Four interactive word games widgets for the selected words:
a. Search Word
b. Match Word
c. Typing Word
d. Hangman