The Slant Book

The Slant Book The Slant Book

The Slant Book The Slant Book is literally the shape of a parallelogram, with the spine of the book running down one side. When opened, facing pages form a “V” shape. All the pictures on the slanted recto pages show a way-too-precocious infant in a carriage [the “go-cart” of yesteryear] racing downhill who has somehow gotten away from his nanny, gleefully creating havoc all along the way! The facing verso pages contain two stanzas of commentary on the charming –if alarming!– illustrations. (Summary by Denny Sayers) This is a Multi-Touch edition.

Title: The Slant Book
Authors: Peter Newell
Narrated By: Denny Sayers / Kara Shallenberg
Size: 38.6 MB
Number of pages: 25
Estimated Runtime: 08:38 min
ISBN: 978-988-15960-3-1
Price: FREE